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Client Testimonials

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It is my chosen goal to provide excellent service to my clients.

 I always place my client's needs first, whether I'm providing a homeowners, life, disability, or flood insurance quote, preparing an income tax return, conducting a point and insurance reduction workshop, or helping someone prepare for retirement or a child's education.

Sometimes clients are so pleased either with the work I'm doing or have done for them, that they send me thank you letters and cards. Believe me, I truly appreciate these and with the client's permission, will now post them on this new page,
Client Testimonials.

Please Note:
  In an effort to protect my client's privacy, their names and addresses will be altered. Thank you.

May 26, 2010

Dear Eustace:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your thoroughness when you got me my homeowner's policy for my property at 5555 Happy Lane*. On May 9th my tenant informed me that raw sewage was backing up in the basement. I had clothes, books, and family heirlooms down there and  I had no idea if I was covered insurance wise and even the insurance adjuster for Travelers said he had to look over my policy to ensure I was covered .  When the  insurance adjuster from Traveler's got back in touch with me he made it very clear to me that my insurance broker was a very competent man and because of the type of endorsements that I have on my homeowner's policy , I would be getting reimbursed.

I know I should've looked over my policy, but because you came highly recommended , I decided to let you do what you do best and felt that you would have my best interest when preparing my policy. Again thank you and keep up the good work.


 Rhonda BM*,

Grateful Customer

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