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 New York State licensed drivers will save 10% on their automobile insurance premium

You get these benefits by attending one 6 HOUR CLASS

When you complete my agency's Point and Insurance Reduction Program classs, you're eligible for an immediate 10% discount on your Collision and Auto Liability insurance premium, including Property Damage (PD), Bodily Injury (BI), and Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Your discount applies to all New York State registered and insured vehicles for which you are the principal operator FOR 3 FULL YEARS.

4 Point Reduction on your Driving Record

If you incurred violations during the 18 month period prior to completing the course, up to four points will be automatically reduced on your driving record. This point reduction could help you avoid a license suspension.

Your savings begin IMMEDIATELY

Who is Eligible?

All principle vehicle operators are eligible including:

  • All drivers, regardless of violations and/or accident record
  • Youthful drivers who will receive a discount in addition to any driver education training and good student discounts
  • "Assigned Risk" drivers
  • Commercial / Executive vehicle operators
  • Senior Citizens
  • Motorcycle drivers - the discount can be added to both the motorcycle and auto policies.

There's no formal testing, the classroom atmosphere is festive, you'll learn defensive driving techniques from our informative movies and corporate and group rates are available.

Classes are held in Brooklyn, and Queens, NY, at convenient locations.

 Funny Bumper Sticker of the month!

"The best thing to spend on your children is time. "

If you see a funny or witty bumper sticker during your daily travels, please email the text to with the subject line , "Bumper Sticker of the month entry."

All entries received during the month will be published in my monthly newsletter.The one receiving the most votes will be published here on the website and the person who submitted it will get free admission to an upcoming Point and Insurance Reduction Workshop.

So drive carefully, and keep a sharp eye out for the funniest bumper sticker!

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