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Photographic Slices of Life

Install those wheel locks!

This young lady got her car from dealer the night before. She purchased wheel locks  but decided to not install them before leaving the dealership. What happened? Well, some smart crooks decided to take the time to relieve her of her wheels and rims. This is the result, a brand-new, wheeless car. And the crooks didn't even have the decency to put the car on blocks. 

Wheel locks good, no wheels, very, very bad.

Wheel locks good. No wheels and your car on the ground, very
very bad.
Sometimes the branches miss the car....        Sometimes the falling branches miss your car...

...and then the whole darn trunk hits it right on the nose.

You're always relieved when the tree
limb misses the house...

...and thankful for having enough insurance when the fire
engulfs it.
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