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Emergency Preparedness
Recent severe weather, earth movement, terrorist activity and general civil unrest around the globe make up-to-date family and business emergency preparedness an absolute necessity.

I am a Coalition Member for National Preparedness Month, which takes place every September. I'll be sharing print and video information from Ready.Gov, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, as well as other sites to provide each and every member of the family with instructions on how to prepare,  what to do, and where to go, in an emergency.

Please use these tools to assist you, your loved ones and your business associates with the knowledge necessary for your mutual survival.

I join you in the prayer we'll never have to learn just how well we've prepared.

Eustace Greaves, Jr.

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Hurricane Health & Safety Tips

Hurricane Health & Safety Tips Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.
Hurricane Health & Safety Tips Widget.
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This is the  first of four (4) video showing you how to assemble the basic family emergency kit.


This second video addresses the special supplies seniors will need during a local or national emergency.


Folk with special needs must make sure they are properly equipped for any emergency.

Let's not forget Fido, Fifi and Felix the Cat! Some great tips on preparing our pets for emergencies.

Radiation – Learn More About Radiation and Health.

Here are some other important links for you to use:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Tornadoes 101

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