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Final Planning Needs

The most important letter you've never written will cause your family the most grief and confusion when you die.

When a loved one dies, there is always a powerful, sometimes overwhelming, sense of loss and grief. And chaos and confusion.

Why chaos and confusion?

Chaos and confusion because, in too many cases, the deceased failed to leave instructions about their estate, no matter how large or how small. And now their family, during this highly emotional time, must try to find the answers to critical questions like;

  • What, if any, property did they own, and where is it located?
  • Was there any life insurance? If so, where are the policies?
  • What military benefits, if any, are they entitled to?
  • Who are the insurance agent, funeral director,accountant,  funeral director, financial representative, and attorney?
  • Where are the deceaseds last three income tax returns?
  • Were there any safe deposit boxes? If so, what banks are they in?
  • Did they own a cemetery plot? If so, where are those ownership documents?
  • What hymns should be sung, what verses of scripture read, what pastor to conduct the service?
  • Did the deceased own a cemetery plot? If so, in which cemetery
  • Who, if anyone, has Power of Attorney?
  • Is there a will?

Death is the wrong time to answer these and other questions.

To help you create the 'estate road map' your family will need at your death, click here to access your copy of 
"Letter to My Loved Ones".  This eight-page document will assist you in beginning the process of generating the answers to the questions too many families can't answer when a loved one dies.

And please, feel free to  share this 
"Letter to My Loved Ones" with your family and friends.

The less confusion, the better.

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