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Personal Insurance
I am an independent agent and broker. Why? To provide my clients with the ability to choose the insurance policies which best meet their individual needs.

Property and Casualty Insurance

  • Homeowners Insurance: Your home is probably the single-largest investment you'll make in your life. Homeowners Insurance is designed to provide you with Dwelling, Other Structures, Personal Property, Additional Expenses and Personal Liability coverage in one package.

  • Dwelling Insurance: These policies, while not as feature-rich as Homeowners Insurance policies, also offer many of the same coverages.

  • Condominium and Cooperative Insurance: Whether you own the unit, or just shares, these policies enable you to cover your personal belongings, any additions and alterations you've made, and personal liabilities you incur.

  Want to learn some auto insurance basics? Just click the image below.


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  • Wedding Insurance to guarantee your special day remains memorable.



   Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance

  • Whole Life, Term Life and Universal Life Insurance Plans to guarantee your family's security and death with dignity.

  • Mortgage Cancellation Plans because you want your loved ones to remain in the home you worked so hard to provide for them.

  • Personal Disability Insurance to protect your greatest asset, the ability to work and produce an income.

  • Overhead Expense Plans to meet business expenses when you are too sick or injured to run your business.

  • Funded Buy-Sell Agreements ensuring that whether death or disability strikes the owners of a business, it will be sold according to a contract where the funding is covered by insurance.

  • Long Term Care Insurance for the skilled care you or a loved one may one day require, either at home or a skilled nursing facility.

Choosing a skilled nursing facility for a loved one is one of the hardest tasks a family will ever do.  The Nursing Home Checklist will help you develop the information you'll need about each facility you visit as you prepare to make this important decision.

Have you left your family a road map to follow when you die? Confused about how to prepare one? Click here to learn more about your Final Planning Needs.

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Insurance Words And Their Meaning!

What's a short-rate return?
What's an alluvium?
What's general liability?

You can find the answer to these and other questions with our new Insurance Words And Their Meaning feature. Just type in a word or phrase, and get a definition.

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